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                Our company has a fabric supply enterprise integrating yarn, weaving, printing and dyeing, production, sales and service. The company can design and customize according to the needs of customers, and produce and manufacture all kinds of fabrics according to the needs of customers. Through continuous innovation, breakthrough and strengthening the technical foundation, the company improves the quality of products, manufactures high-quality products, reasonable prices, and supplies customers stably, so that customers can rest assured and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, It is the business purpose of the company.

                We are looking for enterprises with e-commerce channels, production capacity and their own brands. We can start from fabric design and style design

                Your satisfaction is our pursuit. Welcome to call and sample consultation and negotiation.

                The following are the products of the company. For some products, we not only provide you with fabrics, but also provide you with styles tailored by high-end designers and original design drawings, so that you can start production after purchasing fabrics and quickly realize your profits.



                     供貨價:10元/米-----25元/米 免費全程 提供款式設計打板

              All the above fabrics: basically in the width of 1.5 meters. If customers have special needs, we can customize them for you.

                Supply period: generally, goods can be supplied within three to five days after placing an order. If there is stock, goods can be delivered on the same day after placing an order.

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